Cucumber, Mint & Lime Margarita Cocktail

29 May 2015

Cucumber, Mint & Lime Margarita Cocktails
Cucumber, Mint & Lime Margarita CocktailsCucumber, Mint & Lime Margarita Cocktails

My first cocktail post on this blog. I thought it was about time I shared a boozy cocktail recipe on this blog. I was channeling a hot summer holiday with this concoction. These margaritas makes me wish I was somewhere exotic like Mexico. Margaritas in Mexico just sounds so right, a perfect match. But, my next break isn't for a while yet so I will have to make do with cocktails for now and play pretend.

Cucumber, Mint & Lime Margarita Cocktails
Cucumber, Mint & Lime Margarita Cocktails

I decided to add a green twist to the classic margarita with cucumber, lime and mint. It goes down perfectly well on a hot day, or any day for that matter. The addition of mint makes this drink like a mojito but with tequila instead of rum. I call it the mojarita.

Happy weekend everyone!

Makes 4 servings


2 cucumbers or 1 large English cucumber if using this variety
1 cup mint leaves
180 ml Lime juice
45ml of tequila (1 shot) per glass
25ml cointreau or triple sec per glass
Salt for rims of glass
Cucumber slices to garnish
Lime slices to garnish
Mint leaves to garnish


Roughly chop the cucumber and add to a blender. Blend until a puree is formed. Put the cucumber puree through a sieve to extract the juice. You can also use a muslin cloth to extract the juice. Discard the pulp. This should make enough cucumber juice for 4 servings.

Rub lime on the rim of each of the glasses and roll or dip the rim in salt. In a large glass or jar, muddle the mint and lime juice. Divide this mixture equally between 4 glasses.

Pour 45 ml of cointreau and 25ml of triple sec or cointreau in each glass. Then top with the cucumber juice and stir.

Garnish with slices of cucumber and lime and mint leaves.


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  1. The most beautiful drink EVAH!!!! I love your blog.