Rhubarb & Orange Blossom Bakewell Tart

6 June 2016

Rhubarb & Orange Blossom Bakewell Tart

Motherhood & baby Finn has kept me very busy lately. Sleep deprivation, early mornings and late nights has meant I have had very little time to myself, as I adjust to my new life. I have learnt to multi-task even better than I did before, and domestic chores have become less important. But last weekend, I managed to find time to spend some time in the kitchen baking. It felt great to have a couple of hours to myself doing what I love.

With rhubarb season upon us, I've been making good use of rhubarb season at the moment. So far I've made rhubarb jam, rhubarb syrup to mix with drinks and last weekend I made my version of a bakewell cake with rhubarb and blossom orange.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake

3 May 2016

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cake

Spring is finally in the air. Daffodils made their brief but bright appearance last month. The parks and gardens are blanketed in a purple carpet of bluebells. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

It's a time of new beginnings and the timing is very fitting as I welcomed my new bundle of baby joy and love Finn into the world. I have spent the last month adjusting to my new hectic life in motherhood. You can understand why it's been a little quiet here of late.

I did find the time to bake this birthday cake for my husband. Not quite as grand as this cake I made for him last year but still delicious.

Locality : Minimal Affair

4 April 2016

Minimal Affair Photo Shoot
Minimal Affair Photo Shoot

Meet Amalie O'Neill. A graphic designer, soon to be graduate of Central St Martins, stylist and creative director behind the newly established Minimal Affair - a London based decoration design studio. They not only offer stylish and elegant bespoke balloons for any event, they offer a creative service to decorate and style your event to your needs.

I met Amalie last year through our friends at Earl of East London. I recently did a photo shoot with her to create imagery to help launch Minimal Affair. Her energy, passion and determination was infectious. It was such a fun day and the beautiful setting in House of St Barnabas in central Soho was a dream to work in.

Here are some photos and an interview from the day.

Mocha Hot Cross Buns

26 March 2016

Mocha Hot Cross Buns

I feel so happy to say goodbye to Winter and welcome the arrival of Spring with open arms. It's been a while since my last post but I have good reasons for it. We bought our first home in London. I'm still getting used to the idea that we are home owners. Our spare time has been preoccupied with decorating, moving, unpacking and buying furniture and home accessories. All this has been taking place whilst I'm in my third trimester of my pregnancy.

I have also been busy with other projects.

Orange & Rosewater Tea Cake

16 February 2016

Orange + Rosewater Tea Cake

I recently received a surprise in the post. A sweet and lovely new recipe book called Love, Aimee X, which features 50 creative baking recipes by Aimee of blog Twigg Studios. I have been following Aimee on Instagram for some time and I'm a huge fan of her beautiful posts and baking recipes like this Chocolate & Matcha Mille Feuille she kindly contributed to the blog.

After browsing through her book, I was inspired to make this orange and rosewater tea cake that I adapted from one the recipes in the book. With hints of orange blossom and rose water, one bite and it will transport you to an exotic location. It pairs perfectly with a cup of mint tea.

Congratulations Aimee, this book is well deserved.

Lamington Pavlova + Celebrating Australia Day

27 January 2016

Lamington Pavlova
Lamington Pavlova

It was Australia Day on the 26th January and it made me fondly miss my home country. It is peak summer over there and the weather was hot. I thought of what I would be doing if I was home. There would be a visit to the beach and lots of ice-cream eaten. Perhaps a visit to the harbour to watch the yacht parade. A gathering of friends and family would take place that would involve a bountiful, summer feast. It made me incredibly sentimental.

To honour this day, I made this Lamington Pavlova. A hybrid of 2 quintessential Australian desserts. A simple cocoa infused meringue recipe that is layered and topped with lamington flavours. Delicious and just what I needed.

To all my fellow Australian friends – hope you had a great day!