Hello and welcome to Jet & Indigo.

My name is Hung (pronounced Hoong). Also known to my friends as Huggie, Hugga, Hugs and Hungy, I was born in Vietnam but grew up in Sydney, Australia from the age of one – so, really, I consider myself an Aussie at heart.

I decided to start this blog 8 months ago as my creative outlet where I could document my food and travel stories with an emphasis on beautiful photography and visual story-telling. I love to cook, eat out for brunch when I can, and I love a new adventure. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit so many amazing places around the world already, but I’m a true wanderluster and continue to dream about so many places I am yet to visit. My ultimate dream job would involve travel, food and photography melded together.

I’m a self-taught photographer and stylist. There are so many inspirational photographers and bloggers out there who I admire and that I have learnt so much from already. But there are two women who I must mention and who had the greatest impact on encouraging me along this journey. It was the discovery of the blog Cannelle et Vanille that ignited my passion for photography. Aran Goyoaga’s beautiful photographs are inspirational and I have so much admiration for her. Then came along Helene Dujardin of the Tartlette blog with her book Plate to Pixel, which taught me so much about food photography and lighting. And so it began, I was completely hooked.

I grew up eating the best home-cooked Vietnamese food (in my opinion) – my mother’s cooking. She was meticulous and fussy with her produce and cooking, and this was instilled in me from a young age. I spent many Saturday mornings grocery shopping with her – being reluctantly dragged from one shop to the next, comparing and sourcing only the best and freshest ingredients. I suppose this is where my obsession with quality food stems from.

My penchant for Asian cuisine is heavily reflected in my recipes. However, growing up in Sydney, which is fantastically multi-cultural, meant I was exposed to so many other wonderful cuisines from around the world. I love all foods. I’m also quite adventurous when it comes to food – I would give anything a try. I’m definitely not a food snob. I would be equally happy whether eating in a Michelin Star restaurant or scoffing a kebab, as long as it’s tasty.

My more-than-willing food tester, hand model and dining companion is my husband Mark – an Irishman, to whom I will quite often refer to on this blog. I currently live with Mark in London, but you will occasionally find me in Ireland and other places abroad whenever I get the chance to travel. It’s been 4 years since I made the move to this city, but it’s no stranger to me. I know it very well, as this is the second time I have lived here. I may have lived half of my adult life here but I still haven’t lost the Australian accent!

I hope you enjoy my blog – I really love creating it, but I have to admit coming up with the right name has been the hardest part. In the end, I chose Jet & Indigo purely because these are my favourite colours. A friend once mentioned that she only ever saw me wearing these colours. So there you go, the blog name, and the minimal and clean blog style is a reflection of who I am and my sense of style. 

Thanks for stopping by and for joining me in my food and travel stories from London and afar.


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