Autumn Roast Pumpkins

7 November 2016


It's no denying that Autumn is upon us. The trees have nearly shed all their leaves, the days are much shorter, much colder. Halloween has come and gone, and before you know it, it will be Christmas. That's right, I said the C word.

I'm craving lots of comfort food, easy foods that can be left on their own in the oven with not much tending to. At this time of the year it's all about the squash and my favourite way to eat them is to simply roast them in the oven. Seasonal simplicity at it's best. And because time is something I don't have a lot of these days to spend in the kitchen.

Does anyone else feel like they wish they had more time in their day? I certainly do.

Here I give you just simple roasted pumpkins. No recipe needed, no words necessary. Just Photos.






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