7 January 2015

Pink Orange Sunrise in Galway Bay, Ireland

Happy New Year Everyone!

Have you all made new year resolutions for yourselves? I didn’t make one this year. Instead, I’ve made a note to myself live my life as happily and fulfilling as possible this year.

I recently returned from Galway, Ireland where I spent the Christmas holiday with my husband and in-laws. Traveling to Ireland for Christmas is an annual ritual we have taken part in for the past 4 years since we moved to London. A ritual that involves over-eating, one too many slices of biscuit cake, sleep-ins, little exercise, the occasional walk on the prom (if it’s not raining), excessive drinking, and lots of catch up sessions with friends at one of the many Irish pubs in town. This year was no different and just the way I like it. The only difference I noticed this year was how little it rained in comparison to previous years. It rains a lot (and I mean A LOT!) in Ireland, and it rains even more on the west coast in Galway (there’s a reason why the whole country is so green). This year, the clear skies made way for glorious sunny days and the most beautiful pink coloured sunrises and sunsets I have witnessed in Ireland to date. This is a big statement for me considering I’ve been visiting Ireland for the past 10 years.

Pink Orange Sunrise & Silhouette in Galway Bay, Ireland
Pink Orange Sunrise & Silhouette Galway Bay, Ireland
Pink Orange Sunrise in Galway Bay, Ireland

On this morning, I woke up early and peered out of the window to see a pink light in the distance glowing above the houses, breaking through the morning darkness. It was frosty outside and after a few minutes of deliberation I got dressed and ran down to the prom with my camera before the sun rose over the water in the bay. It was still dark outside and I could have easily crawled back into the warm bed. But I didn’t and it was one of those moments where you feel really pleased with yourself because your efforts were rewarded.

My reward was a calm moment where the bay was still, the morning was quiet and the colours were spectacular.

Pink Orange Sunrise in Galway Bay, Ireland
Pink Orange Sunrise in Galway Bay, Ireland

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