12 June 2014

I recently travelled through Guatemala and Belize. I had been longing to venture back to Central America since my last visit there 3 years ago. I was also missing the sun, humidity and wanted an adventure. Guatemala wasn't the first place I had considered for this trip but a few friends convinced me otherwise. I decided to coincide my trip around Easter, as I found out through my research that Easter (Semanta Santa) is celebrated in a big way, especially in Antigua. I wasn't prepared for how big the celebrations were.

Over the course of 3 days leading up to Easter Friday there was an energy building up in the town of Antigua. The locals were getting prepared. The processions were astonishing and lasted over 2 days and seemed to start early in the morning and ended well into the night. To take part in the processions and to carry the religious floats is an honour. The elaborate "carpets" created for the procession to walk over were amazing and it can take around 8 hours to create the masterpiece. My memories of Easter in Antigua are filled with vivid colours.

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