21 June 2014

I have wanted to visit Claude Monet's Gardens for as long as I can remember. I first heard about this place when I studied Monet's Water Lillies in art class and since then I have wanted to visit the home and town that inspired him. It seemed like a faraway place that was out of reach at the time and it would be nearly 15 years until I finally get the chance to visit.

Monet's garden and house was beautiful with spring flowers bursting at every corner. Admittedly, the hoards of tourists were overbearing but it is the major tourist attraction in Giverny. I stayed in a B&B called Les Jarinds D'Helene filled with so much character and french charm. The town of Giverny itself was pretty as a postcard, luscious and overflowing with flowers that scented the air.

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